Adult Braces: They’re Not Just for Kids Anymore

26 February, 2015 (16:28) | Braces | By: B. Slade


Wearing braces  was once thought as  a rite of passage for teen-agers.  This made people think that this thing is only for the young but as cosmetic dentistry booms, adults began to consider wearing braces to straighten their defective teeth.  Now being old is no longer a factor in opting to get braces like their children.  True enough they are not too old to have this process and correct the defects of their dentures.


Although it may be easier  for teenagers to have this corrective process since their jaw bones are still growing, wearing braces  became popular among adults.  For them it may be complicated and time consuming than for teens.  There is also the presence of other dental problems like gum disease that may require treatment first before braces can be attached, plaque build up and other problems  that may require some forms of orthodontic surgery.  Despite all these problems, adults are willing to take chances.



Beautiful Smile? Nope!

19 February, 2015 (15:13) | Q&A, Smile Makeover | By: B. Slade

cosmdentAs more and more cosmetic dental procedures are being devised, more and more people are getting onto the perfect smile bandwagon. Industry experts are however raising the alarm that any underlying problems should first be addressed to prevent complications that can leave patients with more problems in the future. Cosmetic dentistry has always been, as the name says, concerned with giving people that perfect smile they’ve always wanted.
Having a good dentist who balances the need for beauty and pre-treatment, explains the what’s and how’s of a procedure is your best defense against later problems for with appliances such as veneers and ceramic inlays, they tend to hide underlying tooth/teeth that if not properly prepped will eventually lead to the demise of the erring tooth. Though cosmetically acceptable, it would only last till it falls out of your gums for which no other option would be available but for implants and crowns.

Preventing dental mishaps

12 February, 2015 (14:35) | General Info, Orthodontics Evaluation, Safety and Care | By: editor

Perhaps one of the most lasting and damaging physical wounds are injuries to the teeth. Dental injuries are usually complicated and hard and / or expensive to repair. Which is why the saying prevention is better than is very appropriate is this case. Here are some tips to avoid dental injuries:


1. Wear a mouth guard when participating in any sport, especially in very physical ones. Sports are very dynamic, and you never know what can happen, so it’s important to always play it safe.

2. Don’t chew on hard foods. Chewing or biting hard foods like ice or hard candy can damage teeth through cracking it. The cracks may start off to be minuscule, but microscopic bacteria can get inside them, resulting in cavities over time.

3. Don;t bit of wrappers with your teeth. It’s more convenient – not to mention more hygienic, to use a pair of scissors.

Causes and Treatments of Cavities

5 February, 2015 (13:26) | General Info | By: Hannah

Cavities are primarily caused by the occurrence of tooth decay. Tooth decay, on the other hand, is a result of numerous factors which in most cases arise at its worst due to one’s food intake. People are unaware that food is actually the main source of decay which in most cases is obtained from food which contains carbohydrates such as bread, cereals, sodas, candies, sweets, and fruits. These contain carbohydrates which breakdown into two components namely sugars and starches. Decay occurs at the very instant that food is left inside the mouth allowing bacteria to take over its digestion which usually result to the formation of acids. This decay, in time, will result to cavities which at present are cured through the most commonly done filling procedure which involves drilling the decayed part of the tooth which is then replaced with a temporary filling that is usually made of gold and porcelain.

Eruption Guidance Appliances

29 January, 2015 (13:21) | Braces | By: Yra


Eruption Guidance Appliances are molded polyurethane devices intended to guide teeth into the right positions as they erupt, typically in patients 8 to 12 years old. They can be effective in the short term for patients to whom they are recommended by orthodontists, when worn correctly. However, as the Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) warns, it is not yet clear whether these are effective in the long-term and that such appliances will not necessarily eliminate the need for braces later. The ASO says that Eruption Guidance Appliances cannot treat all orthodontic problems and that braces are still more effective.

Restorative Dentistry

22 January, 2015 (12:14) | General Info | By: editor

Restorative dentistry is designed to repair broken or worn down as well as chapped teeth as a means to give confidence to sport a bright smile. Restorative dentistry is a good way to heighten up a person’s self esteem in more ways the one. For one thing, no amount of make up can cover the fact that a person has a bad set of teeth. Its not only visually unappealing, it is also nasally so.The bad stench emitted by bad teeth, or to put it simply, bad breath cannot be remedied with the use of antiseptic mouth wash. This is because of the fact that the bacteria which lives in the pits of a damaged enamel cannot be countered with a cure but can only be resolved through teeth repair.


15 January, 2015 (11:42) | Imp @ja | By: B. Slade


シュア・スマイルは、ワイヤーを手作業で曲げなければならない、従来の技術ではなく、矯正を重ねて治療時間が伸びたりせず、より早くて優れた新技術で歯を矯正します。 歯列矯正用ブリッジの場合、20ヶ月から24ヶ月間が平均的治療期間です。 これは、コンピューターと弧線のロボット操作で、治療時間をスピードアップする計画で正確度を高くします。 スマート・アロイで知られている形状記憶合金を利用し、それで、目標位置を記憶し、体温を利用するカスタマイズされた指示を永久に保持します。 シュア・スマイルの平均的治療時間は、従来の技術より40%短いものです。 従来の歯科矯正学では2年と推測される治療期間も、シュア・スマイルでは、わずか、12ヶ月から15ヶ月です。 オーラ・スキャナーで、デジタルイメージを利用し、正確な歯の位置を3次元モデルで、作ります。 コンピューターでソフトウエアが使われ、歯科矯正士が、歯のデジタル式モデルを操作出来るようになっています。 ロボット・ハンドが、弧線を曲げ、治療時間を短縮しています。

Yakima gives go-ahead to new dental facility

8 January, 2015 (10:13) | News | By: B. Slade


A new dental facility has received environmental approval from the city of Yakima.Thompson Development received the environmental go-ahead to build a 25,000-square-foot facility for Apple Valley Dental & Orthodontics at the former Country Drive-In Theatre on Nob Hill Boulevard between 42nd and 44th avenues.The approval is contingent on several mitigations that include making frontage improvements and obtaining the necessary permits from the state Department of Ecology.

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Jaw Deformities

1 January, 2015 (08:18) | Uncategorized | By: editor

by: Jo Harts


There are different types of Jaw deformities: (1) the under bite or overbite which is caused by malocclusion–an improper alignment of the teeth in relation to first molars; (2) gummy smile which is caused by the elongation of the maxilla in which the upper jaw has grown too far down; (3) long face syndrome in which you have an open bite with a long looking face; (4) toothless smile wherein the upper jaw is too small. Improper alignment of the jaw and teeth definitely affect the appearance of the face. It may also leads to speaking, chewing, swallowing and breathing problems. These deformities can only be corrected thru surgery and orthodontics.

LANAP: Laser Procedure for Treating Gum Disease

25 December, 2014 (07:31) | News | By: Hannah

lanap-periolaseThe advances in orthodontics has given us a lot in terms of invisible braces, dental implants, and other cosmetic procedures and devices that result in perfect pearly whites. When it comes to oral hygiene and disease prevention though, it seems like there isn’t much going on, unless you count the different toothbrush designs toothbrush manufacturers come up with almost every year.

This is why LANAP protocol or the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure comes as welcome news, being a procedure that is used for treating gum disease. The great thing about this hi-tech procedure is that the laser not only gets rid of diseased tissue and bacteria (that obviously can’t be dealt with a toothbrush and floss alone anymore) but it also does it safely so that surrounding healthy gums and your beautiful skin is not affected at all. Even better, it is said to even aid in bone regeneration.

So the next time you get gum diseases, ask your dentist if they already offer this option.

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